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Welcome, this is Rivenfae at Wolf Woods.  This is my second blog about my home in Missouri, I have chosen to keep up a second blog as to hopefully reach more people about the homesteading life.  Also to possibly recive more ideas and connect with more who think as I and my boyfriend do.

I have been blogging on the Blogger site:

Me and my boyfriend Silver Wolf are in our second year of homesteading, and we are learning a lot about it as we go.  I hope to share what we learn with everyone here.  Currently we reside in a 12X24 shed on our 5.29 acres, we are planning on building a “birdcage dome” house here on the property.

Life does keep getting in the way money wise though and we think we will be expanding our shed home for this next winter, and then next year getting the house finished.  It’s not what I really want, but sometimes life does not work out the way we want it too.  We are also currently working on our chicken coop for our 12+ chickens and 2 turkeys we have.  I have them in two groups the first was Rhode Island Reds and 2 turkeys (bronzes), and a few other chickens round out the first group.  They are already in the outdoor yard while we build the coop still.  The second group is 6 (1 male 5 females) Jersey Giant chickens and what appears to be 5 meat birds.  those “guys” will be added in about a week or two to the yard.

What are you doing?

These guys are soo funny sometimes, they see my cats all the time and yet one odd noise and they all rush to see what the cats are doing.   The chickens and turkeys are about 3(?) months old and the turkey’s are already half their full size!

I am hoping to cross the Jersey’s and the Red’s to make a better egg producer that is the size of the Jersey’s.  The Jersey’s are a heritage breed that the males full grown can get between 13-15 pounds.  For a layer that is big!

I’d love to “free range” them but when we lived in New York we learned that free ranged chickens will eat your garden.  So they will have a yard, and I will make an attempt to try to give them some “green things” to eat once in a while.

When the first of the month rolls around and we have paid all our bills for the month we will be finishing the coop including the nest boxes.  For those of you who “find” my blog here I will post our construction process in it’s entirety once we have finished it.  My other blog has it from the start we have made on it already, so I will to a “whole build” when we finish.

I have most of my garden for “this year”, I put that in quotes as I probably will keep adding to it this year.  I already know I need to do some re-planting as with all the rains we have gotten this year so far I think some of my seeds have rotted in the ground.  i am growing (at this moment) 5 different kinds of beans:  Kentucky Wonder, Missouri Wonder (Old Homestead), Black Seeded Taiwan, Chinese Red Noodle, and Rice bean.  I, if I can find them; will be planting some “Tiger’s eye” bean.  I put them away so they wouldn’t get damaged and now I can’t find them, go figure.

I have 3 types of pumpkin planted, 3 summer squash types, about 5 cucumber types and probably a dozen melon varieties.  I also have 5 different tomatoes growing, and 5 different peppers 3 of which are hot.  I am planting all open pollinated varieties that are certified GMO free.  I don’t like GMO’s and that will be a topic some day when I feel like standing on a soap box.  Part of the reason for growing so many this year is that i want to find out which types we like and grow best and those are the ones I will keep growing.  Once I know the “best” for us I will be able to limit myself (I hope) to just those.  My plan is to keep a “experiment” plot for ones I want to try out, once my full garden is set up.

We moved here from New York state, very close to the boarder; so that we can grow our own food.  Also so we can live the lives we want to live.  While yes I use a computer on a daily basis, I don’t like computers,TV’s, and most “modern” convinces(SP).  To me they are anything but convinant(sp).  (Please pardon my horrid occasionl spelling errors as sometimes I spell something so bad the spell chack can’t save me.)  So We live here in the woods and we are hoping to get off the “grid”, and to me that includes the “food grid”; as it is a grid in this modern world.  I plan to grow enough food to feed my family without supplementing through stores.  I already have chickens and a couple of turkeys (these 2 are my experiment birds), we are also planning on rabbits for meat/fur, and some Dexter cows for dairy and beef; also a couple of pigs.  I’m no Vegan and I make no bones about my choices in food.  The plan is to grow the food for my animals as well, I cannot yet but one day it will happen for us.

So there is my first post here I hope I have given everyone here enough info to let them know what is going on and the why of it all.  To my followers on Blogger… This will just be a secondary site where I do not plan on just “copy/paste” my entries from one to another.  this is “separate but equal” to my first blogging site, I love to write and this will give me a broader audience for what I have to say.  How knows, maybe I’ll learn something new, winks;  Thanks for reading!

BE Well and Blessed Be…


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A homesteading mom with 2 teens,12 cats, 4 dogs, a flock of chickens. small goat flock and a piggie. Also a dream of a sustainable homestead out in the woods of Missouri.

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  1. Good luck with your new adventure! Your updates will keep me posted on
    how you’re doing.

    Natalie, The Organic

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