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We have a Window!

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Yep we do we now have a window and I am enjoying it right now!  Here is how we installed it today!

 This is the exterior wall on the eastern wall of our shed, if you look very carefully you can see where we have started the cutting!

Chain saw construction methods 101this is after our first cut and Silver discovered that maybe the window needed to be a tad bit lower due to the bottom of the roof being in the way.  Yes that’s a chain saw (electric) that he is using, the only blade for our saber saw broke when we started the cutting and due tot he window already being cut enough it was a finish or get soaked bedding.  I DO –NOT– RECOMMEND USING A CHAIN SAW IN CONSTRUCTION!

Sometimes though you just have to find a way to do something when there is no other way to do it.  This did make the cuts a tad bit rough , but we fixed them up later.

That is the window frame that we ourselves made, the window is an older storm window that was without a frame.  So we made our own, and this is right after it was nailed to the studs that were in place.

Stormy checks out the window

Stormy liked the lovely new cat door we made him as you can see. he approves.

This is one of those “oh that’s funny” cat moments, Stormy (our cat Patriarch) came in through the window as if we made it for him.  Which of course, due to cat logic we did.  This is right after we added some extra support to the inside where we had to cut out the 2X4 .

This is the finished window, with a screen even!  The screen was a piece of screen from our tent from last year that we saved.  We stapled it into place before adding the 2×3’s to the outside then we cut it off flush to the side. This way it is held into place twice, once with the staples and secondly with the wood.  Then we went inside and went around the whole outer edge of the window with spray foam.  This way when we insulate this the rest of the way we won’t have to go back and do it later.

I have to say it’s nice to be able to see outside even  if it is now raining, not enough that I need to shut the window; but enough that I can hear it.  There has also been a drastic shift in hot air in here, it was dragged out thorough the window  as soon as we put it up.  Now we have a nice cool breeze coming through the open window.  Such “simple pleasures” that you do not think of until you miss them.

I have managed to get out into my garden today, though I did not get my new garden bed dug I did do some planting.  Well, when I was digging hopelessly for an extra saber saw blade Silver was sure we had; I found the bean seeds I misplaced.  In Silver’s computer desk, of all places.  these tiger’s Eye beans are a bush type(which I had not realized) and are a very pretty bean.

Such nice color on these, I really do hope they do well in our soil.  For those interested I bought them from Seeds of Change, and the name they are under is “Tiger’s eye”; they are a heirloom seed.

I planted them in a “gap” between the different varieties of pole beans I planted.  I am glad they were bush as I won’t have to cut any new poles for them then.  this is my first year growing pole beans as I grew up growing bush beans as my mom did not grow poles(from what I can remember).  So this is a new experience for me, it seems when my son planted his pumpkin seeds he planted 5 in the hill; and –all– of them are sprouting.  So I guess in a week or so I’ll be doing some thinning of those young plants.

Here is my bean set up for those of you who have not seen it on my other blog can see it:

It does seem the “rice” beans I planted are a little slower to sprout than the others and that the Kentucky and Missouri wonder beans both are vigorous growers.  every morning it seems they have shot up quite a bit, granted it might just be all the rain we’ve been getting.

those strings on the end are for the rice beans as I am guessing from the size of the seeds (rather small for a bean) that they might not need as much support as the others do.  We will see, like I have said before these are all an experiment for me.  Then next year I will be growing to save seed.  Which means my garden will be expanded a lot more to give it the space it will need.

Silver is thinking of making walking sticks for sale at  craft fairs and farmer’s markets, he is pretty good at it; and I’ll have to put up a picture of his one of these days.  He is refinishing it as during the last year both mine and his have been “weathered” slightly due to being outside a lot last year.

Hope the rest of the day is good for you, I’m getting ready for a bath then I get to write a “window post” over on blogger!

Be Well and Blessed Be…


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