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Well seems people are mentioning the “odd” weather of late.  Well, it has been!  Right now and it’s only 11 am here it is 85 degrees outside temperature; at the beginning of June.  We went from a nice cool spring, almost cold.  I have heard that California is getting a winter storm in a day or so.   So I wonder…

What will the weather men come with this time to explain it?  When I was a kid I never heard about La Nina or El Nino, then “suddenly” that is the explanation for our odd weather patterns.  We have 100 year floods, 50 year floods all in low land areas.  Parts of antarctic shelf  break off.  Glaciers are melting.  Ummm… it might be me but, maybe there is something going on out there that has caused this.

Here is something to think about, weather has not been charted for a very long period of time and the “records” have not been around long enough to tell us enough info.  How do we know that the current weather patterns are not normal?  We can’t physically go back in time to ask a couple hundred years back, a thousand years, a million.  To know what it was then, we just don’t really know.  So what happens when the “experts” do not know what is going on?  They make a guess.  Then they hope they are right, and it will become a reality until it is proven to not be true.

I do not know if the odder weather we have had of late will affect food prices… but somehow I think they might do it.  I have heard that in Kansas they have given up on the wheat this year.  If weather winds up being too cold in any producing section of the US, there might be a problem with crops.  Then what happens?  Will prices go through the roof?  Will there be shortages?

We don’t know, there is no real way to make such a prediction.  all we can do is watch and see what we can and make our own choices on how we choose to live, even if that means we choose to keep ourselves away from relying on others for our food/shelter/clothing.  If/when prices do rise how will people who live paycheck to paycheck survive?  Not easily if at all.

Which I believe is why some people chose to be “prepared” for anything, while I will probably never go to the extremes that some go to.  I do believe in being ready in case I will need something and I have no way to get it.  As I have mentioned I’m sure here… I know I have on blogger.  I buy flour/rice/sugar in 25 pound bags, normally I just buy them when I need them; now I am planning to buy one every month.  It might not seem like much, but I can do a good deal with those ingredients.  I spent a few years having to feed a family of five for $20 a week, it wasn’t easy but I did it.

So what will the weather being us in the near future?  I don’t know, and neither do you; but I am going to be ready.  At least in some way, shape or form.

Another brief statement on stocking:


If you need any kind of meds keep a couple month supply on hand.  Also keep a supple of OTC stuff you might take.  Also have an “emergency” medical kit, one with instructions included.  Also don’t store anything you do not know how to use, or are unable to use (i.e. faint from the sight of blood).  Know how to apply and remove a tourniquet, give shots, and make a splint.


OK, I can understand wanting weapons for “just in case”, but; somehow I doubt you need 30 guns.  Especially if you do not know how to use even one.  There are also other weapons out there bows, knives, swords.  Bows are just fine for hunting food, and the projectiles are recyclable; and they are not hard to learn to use.  Having all the guns is not the way to survive anything.


Again this is just my opinion here, and this is from watching what other people do.


Be Well and Blessed Be…


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