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A word on our education system

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I thought I’d take a moment and comment on public schools today.  This thought came to me today when I saw my daughter reading a book she brought home from the school at the end of the school year.  Both of my girls brought some home.  What they brought home were histories and how-to books, the library was clearing them out.  Why?  Not because they were old, but because; they had no tests on them.

Personally that is just stupid.  My kids cannot check out of the school library a book just to read for fun unless it is on their “approved” test list.  To me this stinks of censorship… Especially when one of the books that they “allow” in the library is one called “The Compound” by S. A. Bodeen.  In this book a family rushes into a “fallout” shelter as the father thinks that a nuclear launch has happened.  The shelter has supples in it for 15 years “supposedly”.  Now they did not have all the children one of a set of twins did not make it and their grandmother did not either.  After about 10 years they were running out of food, due to some “mishap’s” that later you find out were not happenstance.  So to ‘suppliment’ their food the father convinces the mom to have more children… to well.. I’m just not mentioning it.. it’s disgusting. -ESPECIALLY IN A KIDS’ BOOK-!  To make matters worse.. because mom now has more children and she’s lactating the father tried to get the older kids to drink breast milk as they were out of milk.  Then because mom wasn’t  “producing” enough the father tried to convince his adopted daughter and the twin that made it to  “produce” more ‘suppliments’ for them.

Now… it might just be me but I find this disgusting, and it was my 11 year old who came home with it.  I am so glad that I read it before she did as I -will not- let her read it at her age.  If she wants to read it once she is high school age then she can.  I will not let one of my kids read about implied cannibalism, I’m wary of letting my  15 year old reading something like that.

If this is “approved” reading that they will then test a child on in 5th grade, I really do wonder if i should be homeschool my children.  Also not giving them other options to read just because they have no tests on them is utterly ridiculous.  What happens in this ‘modern’ world when you have parents to busy to make the time to broaden their kids’ minds?  Then you have robots, not kids.  i don’t normally get up in arms over what goes on in the world around me as I like to keep to myself.  However, this bothers me a lot.

How can you have people who can think for themselves if they are taught at a young age that you must only do -this- or you can only do -that-?  Please people… if your kids attend public school like mine do watch what they are learning, or you might be very suprised one day.


Be well and Blessed Be…


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  1. Doesn’t even make sense. Far more calories go into producing a baby than you’d get from eating it. Breast milk would also be a negative caloric proposition, though less so.

  2. So, ideas of cannibalizing your children and forcing the living ones to be incestuous for breast milk production is ok for fifth graders (or anybody?) to be entertaining? WTH??? That’s wrong on SO many levels. So many.

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