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Interesting three words those are an, oddly they are related in some manner.  I was thinking about it this mornign after checking out a blog that I follow this morning:

She linked to the following editorial in the NYtines:


I think it is wonderful that someone in a big publication has commented on the problems in our “food grid”, maybe it will get more public attention that it has over the last few years.

I do still want to comment however that like I said in that first sentence the three things in my title, those three things are related.  What you eat on a daily basis will determine your overall health, and by that will determine if you need a “daily” medication of some kind.  I have a wonderful example of this in my own home that I love to point out.  My boyfriend Silver, is a diabetic.  He, when we arrived her last April was taking 6 pills and one shot a day for his diabetes and now he only takes 2 pills a day 3 if his blood sugar is above 220 in the morning.  Why?

I’m glad you asked, he is down that far because if he takes any more than that his blood sugar drops so low it get dangerous.  How did we manage this?  Simple… we changed his diet.  Yes, doctors are always telling people “if you change your diet…”; it does work folks!  Biggest thing we did for Silver?  Cut out eating “out”, no junk foods we did not make ourselves, and no soda pop.  Nope not even diet.  Is it easy?

No, but then again if it were easy everyone could do it.  Oh wait a minute, everyone could do it; but it takes more effort and strength than some people can manage.  Also everyone in the home needs to follow that too.  If the person you live with is following a diet then everyone needs to or there will be problems associated with the person on the diet “wanting” the things everyone else eats that they aren’t “allowed”.

So it needs to be a “family thing”, and it makes it much easier believe me.  No one really needs to eat all that processed garbage anyway, so just keep it out of your system and you too will get healthier.  Biggest thing to notice though, when you cut out the HFCS items (high fructose cornsyup); it will be like dealing with an addiction.  Why?  This might surprise some out there, but HFCS is a highly addictive substance.  Also, it is included as an ingredient in many of today’s foods that are processed.

Part of your “cut out” diet should be anything with HFCS in it, as it is a highly processed and refined corn product that is a super sweet sugar.  It is also labeled as “corn sugar”, in an attempt to make people less afraid of the product.

Something I need to stress in all of this…IF YOU ARE A DIABETIC CHANGING YOUR DIET, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR!  ALSO DON’T LOWER YOUR MEDS FOR DIABETES WITHOUT CLOSE BLOOD SUGAR MONITORING AND INFORMING YOUR DOCTOR’S THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE MEDICATING BASED ON IT.  You can change your health, but you need to make sure you are careful about it.  Killing yourself to find a better way, isn’t a good way to be health.  Using your most important organ is… YOUR BRAIN!

That being said I do hope you also keep an eye out for some supplements that are good for blood sugar (if you are diabetic or the reverse), Brewers yeast, and bitter melon.  I am growing bitter melon this year in my vegetable patch as I discovered it is a main ingredient in most supplements for diabetics.  then I read up on the item and learned that in some countries when a diabetic gets rushed to the hospital for blood sugar issues they give him/her a shot of bitter melon not insulin.  Also the brewers yeast helps to regulate blood sugar, it is also not very expensive; I bought a bottle for $1.50.  again though I have to point out, PLEASE INFORM YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU CHANGE SOMETHING FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!

You can be healthy!  You can do it yourself!  Cut the cr@p out of your diet and it will improve!

*note* Once you stop putting the “bad” into your body, your body will need to expell that “bad” from your system.  Which in some cases it might make you feel sick as your body rids itself of the “bad” stuff you put in it.  Please remeber this, and don’t feel like you aren’t making it because you suddenly feel like crud after you have changed your feeding “style” for a while.  It’s just your body cleanign itself out.  It’s perfectly normal.


Be Well and Blessed Be…


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  1. Terresa Lynn Lyons

    My husbands sister died of Diabetes on May 25th, on the 26th he was told by his primary physician that he was high on the scale and in danger of getting full blown diabetes! So we decided to attack IT, instead of it attacking Him! He started walking twice a day (instead of once), I got rid of all the junk food he likes to eat (Potato chips and Ice Cream) and went back to eating the way I did before I met him….Healthy! It’s been 2 weeks and he has dropped almost 10 pounds! We are very excited and happy! Total agreement! Thanks for your blog and connecting it to My Green Face! Terresa Lynn Lyons….”A New Seed” group.

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