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A Few Plant pictures

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I managed to buy some batteries for my camera yesterday so I could get out and take some pictures of my plants to show everyone today.  I also spent today using my weedeater to add to my growing compost pile, and building a trellis for my “boxed” tomatoes (a picture of that will come tomorrow).  I have flowers on about 3-4 tomato plants at this time and 2 bean plants, and oddly the bean plants in flower were not ones I expected to flower yet.  The Rice beans flowered (nope I don’t know anything about them just wanted to try them), also they appear to be a bush bean not a pole bean.

 Here is 2 different types of tomatoes that I have in my back garden, at this moment I do not know what kind they are as when I transplanted them the labels had lost their ink.  So I guess I will “figure it out” as they produce their fruit.

These tomatoes are the ones I started myself a little on the late side, but they seem to be doing just fine and are very lush plants indeed.  These ones in fact have some very thick stems, thicker than I have seen on “standard” tomatoes you buy.. say from Wal-Mart.  I think it’s cool how they seem to be like miniature trees in how they have grown.

It has also surprised it at how well they grew, I am use to buying the “standard” tomato that was greenhouse started and therefore  I wouldn’t have to do the work myself.  Well… right now just watching them grow has me sold on using the heirlooms, and starting them myself.  The stems are thicker, the leaves are lusher, and once they got into the ground they took off.  the “store bought” ones I have used in the past have always been so puny looking compared to these guys it’s pathetic.  Now if i can just remember to start them on time I’ll have tomatoes earlier.   Once they start producing, and I figure out what they all are I will make my decision on what to try to grow over winter in the house.

 This is actually a flower off that first couple of plants in the previous picture.  It is my first flower on my tomatoes period, and I just wanted to make sure i got a picture of it to remember how good it felt to see that flower.

I will see as this one develops if it will need staking, at this time I am not sure it will, but if it does I will figure something out for it.







 This is one of my 2 puny tomato types, the other one is in my tomato box.  Now I call this “puny” as it’s stems are not as thick as the other plants’ are, and the leaves are much smaller.  I am pretty sure it has something to do with what kind it is, but I won’t know which kind till it produces tomatoes.






 This is one of the tomatoes I have in my box in front of our house.  Silver says they are about 2ft tall at this point (I took this pic yesterday), it seems to be a very happy plant; which makes me very happy.







 This is my other “puny” tomato, now it is the same height as the other ones in the box; however it won’t stay standing up.  I believe it might be a vining type.  I am hoping the trellis we set up today will help it.






Now for a few bean pictures:

 Here is a bit of an “overview” of my beans, with my bush Tiger’s eye showing at center stage.  Now I have to say for a bush bean these things are huge!  I have never seen a bush type grow this big before, I do hope they flower soon.






Here are my pole beans and they seem very happy and after a bit of coaxing I did finally get them to climb.  I also hope these start flowering soon.







I am going to post some more pictures of my plants tomorrow including my newest acquisition a Black Mission Fig.  I am so happy that my plants are doing well I think my Elderberries might be 4 ft tall at this point, and I am going to measure them tomorrow I think to make sure.  I think my grapes might make it, they are a little droopy but they have done so much better than they did last year.  I am worried about the rhubarb I planted, the one that did “stick around” is now dieing.  Is that normal for a new plant?  It grew 2 puny little leaves and now it’s dieing.

Well I’m off to go water some plants, have a good evening everyone!


Be Well and Blessed Be…


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