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It has recently come to my attention that we now have a new problem on the GMO front. GM trees, it seems a company by the name of ArborGen is trying to get FDA approval to commercially grow GM eucalyptus trees. This is a link to their website:

They seem to speak as if they are going to be the way of the future for growing wood. I like see a big problem with this, here is their article on this:

The company has “test” areas already of this tree in: Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina. Nice, I wonder if this tree will”escape” into the wild and become like kudzu spreading out and causing havoc all over the US.

There is a press release about this:*Euc%20action%20alert%205-10%20new.pdf

It has some very good data about why this is a very bad idea, I also would like to point out like I do so often that we just don’t know the long term affects of what any GM product can do. Mucking with genes to make something “better” isn’t a good idea especially if you don’t know that could happen long term.

What will our forests of the future look like if this and those that follow this tree are allowed to be grown? I can see it now a forest of only one type of tree, with no insect like (not even good insects). No deer roaming, no rabbits, no squirrels, no nothing but one type of tree covering acres.

Is that really a good thing for us? Eucalyptus is a heavy water demanding tree, wouldn’t that suck up natural aquifers? Could what that press release and Natural new say about a “green desert” be correct? Technically a desert is an area with very low precipitation. However we use the term more broadly than just that. In this case it could be a desert by way of other life, these trees being GM still would need doses of herbicide and pesticide to keep the “nasty” stuff from getting them. …hey got a secret for you… I’m gonna harvest one of those “nasties” for our dinner tomorrow night. It’s called Lambs quarter and it’s a wild green, but an herbicide would kill it.

Lets keep our forests, even the harvest-able “timber” forests as a forest. A forest is diverse and has many forms of life, even the old “tree farms” have more than one type of tree growing. We need to put a stop to these GM crops of all kinds before something does happen to us that we cannot fix because we are not capable, and we didn’t “know” it would happen.



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  1. They are already growing these GM trees all over Argentina, Chile and Africa – probably other countries as well – I’ve seen them firsthand. Miles and miles of monocropping delpletes all natural flora and fauna and leaves swaths of “sterile” landscape in their wake. And eucalyptus trees have deep taproots that suck the water out of the ground like sponges – depleting natural aquifers. And in Missouri they are now growing a non-native hybrid ornamental grass called Miscanthus giagantus (or Elephant Grass) for biofuel production…another mono-cropping, native species depriving enterprise that could go the way of the water lily if/when it gets into the wild.

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