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I wanted to take some time out and talk about conspiracy theories.  Now, I personally do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist, however…

Sometimes I do wonder about some ideas I see float around the internet, and tv, and even news.  Take one of my favorite youtube people dutchsince (channel link)

  I personally like everything this man posts to youtube, but I also know there are people out there that think he is a conspiracy nut.  I don’t think he is, as he is posting info that any person can look at and come up with a “wtf?” moment in their mind.

BTW… I don’t think he’s a conspiracy theorist…

He recently did a radio broadcast on a blogtalk radio network, he has it (broken up of course) on his channel if you want to check it out.  He also makes a point to give the info he provides with almost none of his personal views on the why of it.

So here is a good question about this…

What happens when one of these “conspiracy theorists” is proven right?

I believe it is an interesting question as a good portion of the “normal” viewpoints at one time were not considered mainstream.  Once upon a time people thought that the world was flat, aside from the few “extremeists” who thoguht they could find a shorter way by ship.  Now we know the world is round.

Not every opinion is a popular one, nor is every opinion correct.  Also, ever person is entitled to their own opinion; and you -don’t- have to listen to it if you don’t wish too.  I personally like to listen to anyone’s opinion, and if they are willing to “defend” it well I might look into it.

Something to remember also in this is a quote from one of my favorite movies:

‎”history is written by men who have hanged heroes”– Braveheart

Yes, I do watch an occasional movie; generally to relax before bed.  I believe that the previous quote is very accurate… it’s also very true.  One man’s hero is another man’s criminal, or conspiracy theorist…

So instead of saying or tossing out an idea just because you don’t believe in it or think it’s “garbage” because you think conspiracy theories are trash.  Remember that just because you are paranoid does not mean someone is -NOT- out to get you.  Not everything is ever as it seems, life is not a TV show; don’t try to make yours out to be one.  Life is also not a fairy tale… you seldom find the prince charming.  When you do.. he’s seldom charming, and generally sleeping with 10 other ladies…

So live your own life, and think for yourself!

Be Well, Be Safe and Blessed Be…









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