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 Sorry that I’ve been a bit lax here.. I seem to be giving Blogger all my time. I have a few extra minutes of sit down time right now so I figured I’d try to give somewhat of an update to my wordpress readers. Sorry again if I cover something I have already covered here.


My red cabbages in the box our tomatoes were in last year are getting huge, I am just hoping they will be ready to pull when I need to plant my cucumbers in about a month. However I do have a few cucumbers volunteer in their place from last year.


Speaking of volunteers I have about 4 volunteer squash plants of unknown type. They are growing where I just planted my bush beans on Sunday. I am not moving them, but planting around them. I am hoping for at least one pumpkin and one winter squash out of them, plant wise. I hope I get more than one squash from each plant.


My wintergreen that I planted a month (?) ago all have new growth on them, I hope they take over the ground where I planted them. I have them in the same area as my Elderberry trees(?) are and I am hoping the wintergreen will cover the ground there keeping it very moist for the Elder.


I had been worried that my potatoes were all eaten by the chickens when they got loose, well I discovered on Sunday when I went to go put out some sprouted potatoes that the potatoes are growing. So the chickens did not get them all. Which is wonderful, but still creates a slight problem. I was trying to find out based on how many seed potatoes we put in how many actual potatoes we get. I don’t know how many got eaten, and I need to know how much we produce on our soil and method of growing them to figure out how many we really need to grow to sustain ourselves based on home usage. .. I hope that made sense…


I have been harvesting lettuce from our garden, and so far we have gotten more than we did last year. I am hoping to get at least the same amount next spring, I just don’t understand why the seeds sprouted in “clumps” instead of the “row” I planted. Anyone got any ideas?


Our pea plants have huge leaves this year, I am not sure as to why. Considering the hot/cold we have been having so far this spring I wonder if that is partly to blame. We also seem to have gotten less rain than last year. I am hoping it flowers soon, and that we get some peas out of them before I need to plant this years summer squash there.


We seem to be getting our onions to grow this year, as we have tried these last two years to grow some and they didn’t do anything. This year I planted them between my two Elderberries, but I didn’t put them into the soil. What I did was put down a layer of composted manure I bought, perlite, and chicken manure from our chicken house. Then I just worked the sets in, also the few that I started as well were set into the ground then.. The onions seem to like this much better.


Our chocolate Lab, Paris; gave us a surprise on the 20th. Well, I had noticed about two days before that her nipples were getting large.. and on the 20th she had 6 pups. Now this dog according to the vet we had in New York before we moved here was spayed. ..somehow… I don’t think she is. The pups are 1 black Lab (male) and 5 chocolate Labs (all female). I am hoping I can find them homes, then she is getting spayed. I have a home for the little guy.


I have a lead on buying at least one meat goat, I might know of a way to get more; but I need to check on it. One of my girls told me this morning one of their friends is selling rabbits, so I might still get to have my meat rabbits this year. I do hope so as they really are the best for feed to meat ratio. I also have a place I want to stop at and ask if they are selling any of their rabbits.


I just set up this morning an orange rosemary vinegar, that I am hoping will be ready in two weeks. It’s sitting in a dark part of my pantry right now while it “blends”, I am hoping to use it to make some nice salad dressings. I will be checking it in two weeks to see if it is the strength I want, if not it’ll go back in for a week at a time till it is.


So I think that just about covers my updates for now… and I am going to try to make sure I post here as well as on Blogger!


Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be…




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