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DRAMA …the D-word

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Due to some things that have happened in my life of late I thought I make a comment on this subject. First I’d like to say, “if it’s happening to you it’s not DRAMA”. This statement is very true, if you are having a bad day,week, month, year, life; you world has drama in it. However it’s the people how don’t want to hear about it. Or don’t understand what is going due to not having all the information call it “DRAMA”.


While any good real friend(s) will sit by your side through the crap you are dealing with, or even dishing out. Due to only one fact, and that is. You will not know who those “real” friends are until they have had to deal with YOUR DRAMA.


DRAMA comes in many forms, from what crap you are coping/dealing with your significant other. The Crap you are dealing with from your kids. Some moron at work who’s been causing you trouble for months.


DRAMA is just what is going on in your life, it is life. Some people just don’t care to hear about it or deal with your own little piece of it. So they tell you it’s DRAMA, this happens at first all over the net; and now it carries into the real world.


How about we just start telling people that we just don’t want to deal with other people’s “crap” instead of telling someone they are bringing DRAMA into everyone else’s fun. Now on the other hand if it’s just someone causing trouble for someone else, their just being an a$$ and nothing more.


You probably have no earthly clue as to why anyone is bringing DRAMA into your little corner of the fun world you have. Maybe instead of just jumping on them for trying to let out what’s on their mind(s) you should open your ear(s) and an listen for a bit.


Everyone at some point or another is involved in DRAMA as the term is used these days… so don’t make it out that you don’t do it too. It just winds up being a matter of how many people agree on it just being a “problem” versus DRAMA.


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