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First Big kid work day

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Well the kids have been out of school a full week now, but as they has VBS at my girls’ church (yes, I’m Pagan and let my kids go to church)the three kids all went to it.  So I really couldn’t put my kids to any real work in that week or they might have gotten very dirty before heading out to church.  Well, this week is changing that.  We got up, I had the kids take the puppies and momma dog outside; while I cooked breakfast.

Afterwards I took the older two kids and had them working with me on digging out some of the pond we have been working on since last fall.  Silver went and cleared some more with the weedeater, and now I can get to my berry patch so much easier now.

Well I had hoped to get a large amount of digging done, but as my older girl was doing the shoveling , I on the other hand used a pick to get the dirt loose; it took in the time I had allotted to work in .  Only 5 wheel barrows full of dirt, that might be enough to finish my pots off for planting; but not much else.  ..and in case you were wondering my son was moving the wheel barrow and using clippers on small trees for Silver, and the youngest was watching the doggie family.

We then broke for lunch of leftover beef soup from last night, and Silver set up some cole slaw; to go with dinner.  We’re going to have tempura chicken (my kids call it candy chicken as we eat it like candy), cole slaw, and the kids will also get french fries with it.  I’d probably be happy just eating the cole slaw come dinner time if it warms up in the 80’s again.

After lunch I went out with the two girls to dig out some of the chicken yard for manure, my son was on doggie duty.  We dug out about a wheel barrow and a half for now, as this is going to be for mixing soil in about a few hours; for the rest of my pots.

Speaking of the pots:

ImageThis is one of the pots, I have bought them from the MFA for $5 a bucket. They had contained some kind of feed supplement for livestock and as you can see this one is broken at the bottom. So they put them out front and anyone who wishes to can buy them, I’ve had them for a couple of years now and have only just gotten to using them.

This is one of my pots finished as of two days ago, it has 3 tomato plants and a dill in the center.  If I did this right the Cherokee Purple Smudge are in here, and my Amish Pastes are going in the garden.  As I kept the two types in different trays so I’d know they were not the same tomato.  I don’t want any “mix ups” in my tomatoes this year.  Last year all the pollen crossed and I got a “paste type” tomato from all my tomato plants.

Now for this pot I took and mixed chicken manure, our clay soil, perlite, and some oyster shell together and poured it into the pot.  I am going to be making a few more of these today, in a couple of hours.  I am adding the oyster shell as last year I had a problem with blossom end rot and I read that calcium will fix it.  So I put oyster shell on top of the soil last year, this year just for the tomatoes I am mixing it into the soil.

Also I put the dill in the center as I read somewhere that dill will keep the horn worms away from your tomato plants.  Granted if we get any horn worms my chickens will be very happy birds.



I am hoping that this is a wild grape and not a ..not sure on the name here; moon berry (?).  I have too go and look up in one of my books as I have seen it fairly recently telling me by leaf which plant is the wild grape and which is poisonous.

They are producing nicely aren’t they?  Which is why I am hoping it is a grape vine as I have quite a few of them scattered around with lots of  fruit showing at this point.  Granted if we keep up with the dry weather I’m not sure how well they or our black berries will do this year.

This one is near our chicken coop and it’s over hanging a small tree that I’m not too worried about how healthy it is, as if it grows to much bigger we’d have to take it down.  If you look real carefully you can see the white paneling that is the side of our chicken coop in background.





Here is something very pretty, or at least will be very pretty soon I hope:

I can’t wait to see this in full bloom.  This is one of the two wild roses that I have been “training”, this one into a goat panel.  I have another one that I have some smashed tomato cages that i have started weaving the rose in and out of.


The nice thing is this one in the picture has tons of flower buds on them this year.  Last year it did not have as many, so I am glad it’s doing so well so far this year.  I also now have some shamrocks planted near this rose and they have sprouted and have been growing.  Considering I got them as a “freebie” from one of or plant orders I have to say I’m not unhappy with them.


I also can’t wait to see what color this rose is going to be, the first year we were here the one rose growing out of the old foundation was all white.  Most of the local wild roses are a pinkish color so who knows what this one will be.


I took a look this morning and maybe I’ll get some pics of them later, but my day lilies are putting out flower stalks.  So I should be able to harvest some buds and flowers soon.  I just hope we can get our solar dryer built before we have too many things to dry.  I’d really like to dry the flower buds so we can use them for soup thickener this winter, but I’m not sure we’ll get to that point this year.  I might unfortunately go out and buy some plastic baggies and freeze them.


Well I am going to try to post my garden pics later as I have dishes calling my name right now and I should probably get them done.


Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be…


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