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So I am now going to post the pictures of the garden that I have picked up, sorry if they aren’t the best quality I took them with our phone as we still need batteries for the camera.

Isn’t it pretty?  This is a volunteer squash plant that I have in the midst of our bean plants, and if you can tell it’s close to flowering.  I think it’s possible that it’s either a “patty pan” or one of my Dark Star zucchini.  I will know more when this plant gets bigger, and as my Dark star’s get bigger.

I’m also hoping it’s be prolific as we have gotten hooked on eating stir fried squash for lunches during the summer.  ..and I know my son the picky eater is soooooo looking forward tot hat idea.

Speaking of the kids I was not sure if I mentioned or not that we are putting them on a withdrawal diet.  i am getting them off all the processed stuff they ate while in school and trying to get them on the correct foods.  Especially since 2 of them have low blood sugar, one of which is my picky eating son.  I got him to eat a bowl of leftover beef soup for lunch yesterday.





Speaking of the Dark Star zucchini:

They have all sprouted, so I have 6 little zucchini plants coming up.  To their left i also have 1 lemon squash coming up.  I was hoping to have more than just one of those sprouting, but sometimes they just don’t agree with you.

I tried growing these last year and we never got any female flowers that grew past flowering stage.  I am hoping that this year they do much better, and that we get an overabundance of them.  I know we’d eat them.

As I didn’t get a picture of them I’m going to tell you that one of my two egg plants is putting on new growth, but it is going very slowly.  I am hoping to see at least one of them “shoot up and take over”, as I do like eggplant; but don’t like paying what stores charge for them.





Here is a small amount of the bush beans that I have planted.  They seem to be doing very well and are taking over my bed that I put them in.  My thoughts on that are… hey if they grow super thick then at least I know they are shading the ground under them.

Granted I do have some kale growing in there, and some cabbage, one squash plant, and some onions.  So it’s got some diversity in it.  I swear beans are one of those plants that if you turn your back they grow 3ft.

They look like a miniature forest out there.  which like I said should have the double benefit of keeping the ground shaded.  I am hoping to put tomatoes and egg plants here next year, so any good that the beans do here will certainly help my night shades.





Here is a surprise I got this morning while out picking Lambs Quarters:

That is a flower on my Elderberry!  Now only one of the plants has flowers on it, but I am still hoping they will both produce.  Also I imagine next year this one at least will have more flowers on it.


If I make it back outside after lunch (I’m suffering a cold and feel cruddy) we’re going to cover the ground around both of the Elderberries  with some chicken manure.  I am hoping it’ll help them both out, and keep the ground under them moist.


I just now need to go look up a good recipe for elderberry jam.  With the hope that we get enough berries for it, otherwise I may freeze them and leave them for tea making.  As it helped Silver out a great deal this last winter when he got ill, as it’s a great source of vitamin C.


Though it makes me wonder, could you add Elderberry to a mixed jam?  As we’re going to have an abundance of black berries this year, I can mix them together.  Might make an interesting jam.


Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be…


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A homesteading mom with 2 teens,12 cats, 4 dogs, a flock of chickens. small goat flock and a piggie. Also a dream of a sustainable homestead out in the woods of Missouri.

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  1. About your Elderberry jam. I reduce the pectin in mine and make the worlds best pancake syrup! I know you can under cook it too but I’m not sure the time / temp amounts. 🙂

  2. Happy to follow your blog Ma’am. Seems pretty interesting 🙂

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