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I saw a preview for a new NBC show that I think has an interesting premise, it’s called “Revolution”.   Here is a youtube link to the preview:

Now I think it’s a an interesting idea to think on.  How would you do if the “power” all went off, suddenly.  Could you survive?  Would you know how to live in the “new world”?

Now I was chatting with someone last night that frankly, I doubt could make it in such a world.  For one she thinks cities are super clean and anything that isn’t one is full of germs and that there are no germs in the city.  She thinks there are no tapeworms, rabies, “recluse spiders” in a city.  She also thinks all food and water in a city is safe and good for you.

I think while she wouldn’t survive in such a world if the power went off, I do think there are others very much like her that believe these things.  I think it’s a sad product of society, that people think that cities are “gleaming shining” examples of cleanliness.  Especially if you pay halfway attention to what goes on in the world you’d see they aren’t.

But back to my original thought  here, surviving after the power goes off…  I would like to think at least me and my family would, I’d worry about Silver as he’s got diabetes and a inactive thyroid.  So for at least one of those things we’d probably have a problem, as once we couldn’t find medication for his thyroid, he’d prob die.

The people most likely to survive are ones who can produce their own food, yes I realize there would most likely be people with gun stealing things.  Well their problem would be after they killed off anyone who they didn’t like eventually they’d kill off the people they’d need to provide them with food.

So I’m going to be watching this show when it comes out this fall to see what “writers” think will happen to people after the power goes out.


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  1. Is it against wordpress etiquite to leave a like and a comment? I know I would be ready, if the shtf. I don’t think my girlfriend or friends would. Which is a problem. It’s all fun to pick on me for being “paranoid” until the power goes off and my skills are necessary. Anyway, I’m glad there are others in the Pagan community that are ready to go back to Mother Nature.

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