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The title while small really does say it all doesn’t it?  When someone comments on “the news” you might think of network news companies like NBC,ABC,CBS,Fox.  You might even think of CNN, or Huffingtonpost.  I also on occasion think of Treehugger and Infowars, as well as natural News.


Now my question to all of you regarding this is how much actual new do you see from any of these places?  …and I mean  real  news, news that will honestly mean something about the world you live in and things you believe in.  I spend a lot of time only paying attention on the “networks” to just the “headlines” as that is the only place where things about the world in general get spoken about.


How often do you have to go online to look up what is going on in other countries to see if it might at some point down the line inter-fear with your own life and world around you?  Take GMO laws as an example.  How many people out there who aren’t in the movement know that most GMO’s are banned in Europe?  Probably not many…


How about the current debt crisis’s around the world?  How many people saw them coming, before the “networks” decided to tell you about them?  Again probably not many.


I happen to get most of my real news on facebook and twitter, as if I haven’t found the story myself through browsing one of my friends/followers will.


I think it’s sad that most Americans –don’t– know what’s really going on in the world and they also don’t care either.  I think this recent “gun control” issue is going to wake a few people up to what the world is like, unlike the issue with the fiscal cliff (yes I said the naughty phrase yell at me later for it).  Grant thought it was a manufactured event precipitated by our own government.  There were many people out there who just shrugged their shoulders at it.  We watched it very carefully though we knew and it happened that they did something to fix it last minute.


I think someone needs to come up with a news company that actually has new on it, as a way to keep people better informed.  However, I also realize no person in the  (I hate this phrase) “popular” group of the “world mind” will do so as all the -normal- people want to know what is the next big style in clothes; and what they should and should not buy.  Or even better.. which stores will open earliest on Black Friday.


Come on folks… why not grow up some and pay attention to the REAL WORLD (not the MTV show) and stop just worrying about what someone does/not think is the current style and be aware of the world around you!


Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be…


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A homesteading mom with 2 teens,12 cats, 4 dogs, a flock of chickens. small goat flock and a piggie. Also a dream of a sustainable homestead out in the woods of Missouri.

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  1. “news” is actually a relative term. In the days of the old ‘network news’ programs it was uniformly accepted which stories were news-worthy. In the world we live in today though we are becoming increasingly insular. Every single niche market is being ‘sold to’ and we are now capable of hearing ONLY the news that fits our individual worldview—rather than what is actually news. Although not perfect, BBC is a pretty good server of world news in general and more reasonable coverage of US news than many media outlets here.

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