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 I wanted to take a moment to talk about something that has been “rumbling” through my head for about a week now. Now, I have a habit of posting things to facebook that I think have merit, are funny, or have a point in them whether everyone else sees it or not.

I have a few strong opinions on a few aspects of life that I have had to personally deal with that to some people could be seen as prejudicial. ..and here is the funny thing about that last word. EVERYONE has prejudices, you just do not always see them. I for one like my opinions to be known, and while I know this can sometimes surprise people in respect to the things I either believe in or have issue with. I have a few things to say about them being surprised and thinking that I’m not the person they “believed” me to be.


# 1 — If you have a belief/opinion and you think it is firmly yours. Then nothing I say will change it.


# 2 — If my opinion won’t change yours, then it doesn’t harm YOU.


#3 –- I am a firm believer that any knowledge as long as you learn something from it, is never negative.


With those points in mind lets look at them:


Point #1 If you have a belief/opinion and you think it is firmly yours. Then nothing I say will change it.

This refers to the fact that if you really believe in something than you know with all your heart/mind that it is true and yours. I tend to think that if someone -does– change my opinion or belief then either it wasn’t held very well. The other side to that is I would also admit that I was wrong in what I thought.

Part of what makes our opinions “ours”, is our own personal experiences; which includes how you grew up. Everyone experiences things in a different manner than everyone else, and it’s our differences that make us stronger.


Point #2 If my opinion won’t change yours, then it doesn’t harm YOU.

This being said while I think it is self explanatory, I imagine some people wouldn’t see it as such. An opinion by itself harms no one, what you do with said opinion can harm someone however. Wars are started over opinions, on party believing theirs is the only correct one and wanting to make sure everyone believes what they do.

I personally find this behavior reprehensible, but I can only control so many things myself and while I strive to be the pebble that makes the eventual big wave. A lot of the times the pebble doesn’t cause much of a minor one either.


Point #3 I am a firm believer that any knowledge as long as you learn something from it, is never negative.

To emphasize this point I’d like to point out something for anyone who –doesn’t- know. I am Wiccan, to some that means witch. I grew up in a Roman Catholic household and my children attend fundamentalist churches. I watch T.V. Shows about the bible, and I have been known to read the bible. While I think a lot can be learned from the bible, I see it as a learning tool.


We like to comment in this country that I live in that EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion(s). To a degree this is true… I think the whole statement should be:

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, everyone else might not like it though; and some might jump all over you for making it known.

…scary thought though is it not? I think people should agree that they will not agree on something. Don’t down something that is commented on just because you think it is bad, you can always say if you feel you need to make a negative response to something. “I personally do not believe that what is stated/posted is a good thing.” Maybe have an open dialogue about it. The problem however is if you disagree with someone and would like to discuss it, don’t make it sound like they are totally in the wrong and you are totally right. This evokes a closed mind. If we are in the Enlightened age, then no one should have a closed mind.

That said I think there are already too many closed minds in this world. Unfortunately they are also the ones who are causing the wars worldwide.


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A homesteading mom with 2 teens,12 cats, 4 dogs, a flock of chickens. small goat flock and a piggie. Also a dream of a sustainable homestead out in the woods of Missouri.

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  1. What drew you to Wicca?

    • The idea that there is ‘no true one way’ I choose to believe in my own fashion and will not be damned for it. I also have an easier time believing in a female divine bringing forth life than one that is expressed as male.

      • Thanks. I was curious. It’s been several years ago now, but I met a Wiccan (not sure that is the correct spelling) on a construction site I was working on. We probably talked for 10 minutes on this topic…he knew I was a believer (Christian)..and @ the end of the conversation, he paid me a compliment…said all of the people in his life who claimed to be Christians were either hypocrites or would not talk w/ him about Wicca. Well, time for coffee 😉

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