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So I was watching 10,000 BC the other night and it gave me a couple of ideas for an alternative way(s) the pyramids could have been built. Please note that I am not saying that this is 100% the truth, this is a theory.
Now as the movie did have Mastodon’s pulling the heavy blocks of stone my first one come from this movie. Here is the theory:

First you have to suppose that the Atlantians existed, and that the continent of Atlantis sank around the time of the last great ice age. The survivor(s) of the sinking of the continent went to the Nile delta, and decided to build some buildings for some purpose only known to them. They enlist the help of the local people by them thinking the Atlantians are Gods. They teach these people about how metal working is done, then how to use harnessed animals. Then teach them about building and ten had them construct the great pyramids and the Sphinx. Or at least attempt to do this. My guess would be that for some reason the “God(s)” disappeared/died and the people constructing the buildings trickled away disillusioned aside from the progenitors of the Ancient Egyptians. As the people started to get more “modern” for their time they rediscovered the old buildings and went and finished them thinking they were meant to be tombs. This is a thought as I remember being taught that the Egyptians were trying to mimic what their Gods did.

Now take that previous theory and take a piece of it and apply it to currently taught history on Egypt. What if they use Elephants to move the stones instead of people? It seems to make a tad bit more sense to me than needing hundreds of people that you have to feed to an extent. Why not just feed less animals than people? Logistically it makes more sense using the animals than the people.

Now my last theory on the pyramid building, is an interesting idea. While I know it’s highly unlikely it’s an interesting thought. What if there had been a small mountain range in Giza and they had cut the mountains down to the form of the pyramids. Now I mention this as from what I know the only areas people have seen are the ones cut in the stone, as well as the outside. Now the outside stones while being cut out of a mountain to look like stones they could wind up tumbling off the structure if enough water and wind, and sand in their case got through them.

What do you think of these ideas?


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  1. I think the people groups from days gone by were a lot smarter than people today give them credit. That’s just a general observation I realize..but have thought that same thing even about the people who lived in America 150 yrs ago and carved out a boggles my mind. DM

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