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Is it Spring yet?

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I WANT Spring so badly as I’m so sick of MUD.  Tons of MUD.  I HATE MUD… I REALLY HATE MUD.  Know why?  It is because the MUD we have is clay, it’s THICK and HEAVY and if it gets on your foot wear it feels like you dded another 50lbs to your feet.  So I am tired of MUD. Sad thing is in Spring we normally get tons of rain so that means… you guessed it more MUD.

I also think the idea of daylight savings time is so outdated that it really should not exist.  Now when I went to school we were taught that it was started so that farmers would have more daylight hours to work their farms.  Well, now-a-days it’s kinda un-nessicary for the need to have the farmers working in daylight as tractors,combines, etc all have headlights that could bring in a 747. Also I know that Amish farmers generally don’t use the concept of daylight savings time, so who really benefits from it?

Kids that’s who.  Now think on this… Kids that have to walk any distance to either get to school or their bus stop during the early morning will have more light during fall back than if the time was at normal.  Ok, well I can see a point there… BUT… again I must comment on modern society here.  There are tons of flashlights out there on the market that people can use to see with at early morning hours, so the kids can still be safe.

How many people wind up late for work right after “time change” and use it as an excuse?  Doesn’t seem that it is nessicary at all does it? I certainly don’t see a point to it.  As it is there are places in the US that do not even use it anyway.  Some are farming communities, strange huh?

Well, I’ll get off my soap box now… and talk about here.

Well, aside from my 3 sweet peppers all my tray starts have died.  I have replanted the tomatoes and egg plants, but I’m worried I may have to buy some plants this year.  If so there is a small local nursery here that a nice farmer owns, his plants are always good.  I bought flowers from him the first year here.

Now that the snow is melted and the days are warm enough to dry the mud some, the pond has lost some water.  No worries though as it is still over 1/2 full.  Tuesday I am going out to gather cat tail roots for it, I am also planning on planting the taters then.  My flowers are all coming up and I think I may have a couple more day lilies this year than last year.  I still have to come up with some amendments for the apple trees that are coming sometime this month they are suppose to be shipped Monday.  So we’ll see.


That’s it for now.


Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be…


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  1. Gah to mud season…but on a bright note, at least it means the end of snow.

  2. So it’s “mud season” where you are, eh? Here in Maine, we have it to look forward to yet. And it is a named season here! Our mud is not as tenacious as yours, so I don’t mind it that much…. just throw on the muck boots to do chores… but I do know the heavy clay stuff from my grandparents’ place in Iowa.

    I am SO with you on he time change follies. And I am pretty sure that farmers, if they want to get a head start on the day’s work, have enough sense to get up as early as need be, regardless of clocks! When I retire in a couple of years, I am going to ignore it totally. I’ll declare this as “Standard Time Zone” and when I have to have an appointment with a doctor or the like, I’ll make sure THEY know I am running on Standard time and will make the allowance. Maybe it’s selfish of me, but oh, well. If an “old crone” can’t have a few quirks, what use is it! LOL

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