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Happy Sunday Morning!

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Thought I’d write up a little update though I’m still temporarily camera-less (my girls are away for the weekend). We finished filling 2 more of the tractor tires as well as one of the tubs yesterday, and Friday combined, I had gotten a Rhubarb plant from the MFA for $.75 and it went in the tub for now. We figure if it grows exponentially it’ll wind up in a tire.

This morning I planted some red onions, bushel gourds, and cantaloupes. Tomorrow I should have my pole beans in and my cucumbers as well. I also need to do more of my green bush beans. Not to mention getting in my herb seeds. One of the Zucchini seeds has sprouted so if nothing else comes up by this Friday I’ll replant the rest. I have about seven acorn squash coming up as well.

I noticed something yesterday in my sun choke bed. We have a volunteer tomato plant. Since I have no clue what kind it is I am leaving it where it is, as it’s on the edge of the bed anyway so it should be safe. I’ll just have to figure out how I’m going to stake it up. My peas are starting to flower, the spinach is doing well and I’ve been getting a little of it daily. (waiting for it to really take off) The eggplant looks to have a flower forming, and the bucket tomato is flowering.

My two Does are looking fatter daily (I wish I knew exactly when they got pregnant), I am hoping to have two sets of twins but as long as they are healthy and grow well I don’t really care. Still need a boyfriend for Strawberry, also a better cage for her too, but we’ll get there. We should have ducks any day now, as they have hatched and it’s a matter of when they get here.

I spent half of last evening making banana bread on our new (to us) gas stove. Our neighbors gave us a small propane stove. Makes me happy I can stop using the electric one. I have over a case of bananas in my freezer that I’m going to be making into more quick bread. One of those fun freebies we received.

We’ve been eating lambs’ quarters now that it’s growing everywhere. Silver gets a small amount in the morning with his breakfast wilted and dressed with a vinaigrette. Then we have some with our evening salad. The girls have about twenty days left of school, then when they are out we will move our big meal to midday-ish. Then have a snack like meal in the evenings. I like summer times as we eat better especially once the garden is doing well. I have hopes for over abundance. The acorn squashes no matter how many we get will be saved for winter eating..

Hope you’re all having a fun weekend.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be…


More Weird Weather anyone?

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We’ve been silent on the blog as we have not been able to get on the net as much as we’d like too. So an update to things going on here. Well we’ve had crazy weather again. For 3 days we’ve had spring-ish temperatures, yesterday we had severe weather in the form of severe thunderstorms and some tornadoes. Today the forecast is for occasional snow flurries and what ever our temperature this morning at 6am would be our high for today. It’s so nice to see winter coming back, and I’m serious as I do have flowers that I don’t want killed off due to the weather being wonky. Due to the rain yesterday our “pond” (which is still not finished being dug) is filled to the current spill over.
We have finally come to a good place in working with our wood stove, we have it burn new wood at the coal stage only and we have a smoldering fire all day and night. We don’t “burn ourselves out” and it stays toasty enough. We also seem to have hit the spot in the wood pile where the densest wood seems to be at. Which is good for long burning anyway.
In the last week I have gotten up at 3 am to bake bread, I have to say I may be doing it more often. The bread I have made these last two times has been heavenly. Good flavor and just the right “weight” (if that makes sense), silver told me today that I need to get up at 3am every morning now. Guess that means he likes it huh?
We have made a small discovery that we hope will work like we think. Loews sells “blown in” insulation that is “green”. This insulation is made from shredded recycled paper. Silver has been wanting to do papercrete on the interior of the dome to insulate it. My only issue had been, where do we get that much paper. Then we noticed that insulation, we are planning on buying one bag and trying to mix some papercrete up and see if it does well with the insulation. If it works out I will let everyone know. Silver is also looking for a way to combine the wall flue of a Russian Masonry stove and a rocket mass heater. Any Recommendation would be helpful.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be…

Semi-Random Thoughts

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I have been so lazy this last week, we started working on the sanctuary , by cutting down the couple of sapling that have sprouted in the space. That is all we have done here this week in reality, and I really need to get out and clear some space in my berry patch as it’s getting a tad overgrown with plants that are not berry producers.


I also need to clear out the non-potato plants from my potato bed, I guess it’s just been the warm last couple of days making me not want to go out and work. I plan on going out and working tomorrow if it’s not raining, as we are suppose to have on and off rain for the next seven days here.


I had an interesting thought the other day on HFCS(high fructose corn syrup), now except for the very random soda when we go out and I need some sugar in my system; we have pretty much removed this substance from our diet. Except for ketchup, and I mention this for one reason. I generally put it on burgers myself, and the other day for the heck of it I put it on some of our home made fries. I did a “yuck” immediately. It’s weird as I know why I got the “yuck” it is the HFCS as I’ve had some ketchup that has none in it and those taste “normal” to me. However, the kind I recently picked up as my son is a ketchup hound uses it.


So I can honestly say that HFCS does add “flavor” to the products it’s in, and if you are no longer use to “tasting” it on a regular basis you will notice it. I know I did, Silver did as well. I know my kids don’t notice it as they eat meals at school, which we all know is filled with foods that contain this ingredient in it. I really am considering setting up “home” lunches for the next school year, and getting the kids off it; but it might be a loosing battle. I say this because my kids do get “rewarded” by teachers with soda pop, candy, and chips. How do you stop that? The schools obviously have no issues with it, and neither do the teachers.


It kinda goes back to my complaint about the local churches using candy to get kids to participate in their churches. I understand rewarding good work, trust me; it is the easiest way to get a child to work. However, I think there is a better way. I know all kids like coloring.. even older ones, I have seen it. They all also like stickers (who doesn’t?), and little “sticky” things. They could even reward kids with more computer time.


Come on folks.. how about trying????



Speaking of the kids, they will be out of school on the 14th of May, I think that’s a bit early. I know they didn’t have snow days this year, but it’s still odd to me to see kids out of school before June. I don’t think they are doing a heck of a lot right now either as they took the “mandated” standardized tests a week ago and the kids have not come home with any homework since. My son said they are doing their “final” exams right now in the high school, but he only had to take one; and that in all the other classes he’s watching movies. What ever happened to teaching the full year?


I’m a little sorry this has turned into a bit of a gripe session on here today.. but trust me I could go on a tad more, about much more. Tink knows why, but here is not really the place to vent on certain subjects. I would like to thank her in advance for the plants she is passing along, I’ve had so much troubles getting melons to grow; she’s going to be passing some starts onto me. I love melons and have been disappointed that the last two years I have not been able to get them to grow.


I am “working” on some bread loaves today, one straight sourdough, the second is a sourdough with oatmeal, flaxseed, and sunflower oil. I hope it comes out good! I have been branching out of late trying out new things with the no knead sourdough and , we had been thinking something. If Silver could get me an outdoor bread oven built and we can find a way to cook multi loaves at once, would I be able to sell them at the local Farmer’s market? Do I need a special permit to sell a baked item? I think I will be looking into this. I do love baking and I just get behind on it too. I am also going to see when the kids take their trip this summer if I can pick up some fabric scraps to do some other “projects” that I could sell possibly. I love to sew and I do it all by hand, I have made my kids blankets often from young ages; all from “remnant” pieces of fabric. They love them, and they are very sturdy so I wonder if there is a market for them locally.


Well that’s it for now… before I ramble 20 pages or more…. grins



Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be…

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