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History Lesson

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So I imagine some people wonder how a Chicago raised city girl wound up out here in the Missouri wood. Now first my biggest reason for wanting to live here like I do is making sure my family has a good source of food, and that we get regular meals. This is because while I grew up in a middle class family (dad was a welder and mom went back to school to be a social worker). I married not long after high school to the biggest mistake in my life. The ten years I was with my husband we lived homeless and with little food for nine. This piece of work thought it was better to play things like video games, D&D and Magic: The Gathering and spend money on supplies for it rather than feed his family of five.

We had months where we’d be living on a pound of meat with about two cups of dry rice for dinners for all five of us. We were lucky we had WIC so we had cereal and peanut butter for the other meals for the kids. I generally wound up eating only once a day.

I eventually tossed my husband out (for something much worse but that’s not for telling now), and even though I lost the home my father bought me (due to my husband not paying the bills while I worked 2 jobs), I did get a stable home and job. Then I met Silver and we eventually moved here to live our dreams of being in the country and having food we know where it came from and is healthier to eat.

As for my desire to live in the country itself, I was never one who liked to be around people much. I get panicky around crowds, including going to town to buy food when we need it; or when we pay the bills. So living out here where I can be away from a large group of people and just be me I am happy. WE manage, even if we don’t get everything we want done here in a month. Biggest thing to me though is. We get the bills paid, we get the crops planted. We slowly add to our meat animals, and get all the buildings we want built. That so far is happening so I am happy.

Watching a commercial this morning while doing dishes made me think about posting this and to point out a few things. A lot of people think that there are countless people in other countries who have poor nutrition or not much food. That the people “over there” have to decide on if they pay their bills for their home or buy food for their family. Let me tell you, it’s a hard choice to make. When you are sitting there trying to make you money stretch to feed yourself and pay everything so you still have a home and power and put food in your kids’ mouths you wind up hurting yourself sometimes.

I still have a hard time eating three meals a day and most often than not I don’t even think about a midday meal, because if I eat breakfast I tend to not be hungry until evening. It’s leftover from only eating once a day and me learning what it feels like to honestly be hungry.

So now you know why I live out here in the woods and spend my time growing my own food and trying (desperately trying) to teach my girls that it’s a good thing to do.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed BE…


Review of

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HEH… well I’ve been having some fun over on bidding with credits,not money; on seeds. Me and Silver have managed to win some dwarf teddy bear seeds and some sugarcane seeds. I also got some acorn squash seeds this morning on it.


Now I really enjoy this website as it’s a good way to pass along seeds you don’t need and to pick up some hard to find ones. I.E… the sugar cane. You join the site and start with about 500 credits to bid on auctions, you gain more credits by “gaining levels”, buying them, or from auctions you set up.


Me and Silver set up separately auctions of the two packs of carrot seeds I had that we can’t use yet. Our ground just isn’t good enough as yet to grow carrots in a year or two maybe.


Now while perusing this website I have discovered a few “funny” things about this site. …not bad funny though… First one… in the seed category you will see many seeds up for auction and sometimes muti-auctions by the same person that are the same item. Also these seeds come in small amounts. My dwarf sunflowers are only 6 seeds… which if I were paying cash I put out I might not be willing to put out as much as I did.



The other thing is while tech everything on it is FREE.. tech… I think if you buy credit it’s not free. There are people who make you pay shipping… even on a few seeds… come one.. they aren’t willing to put out one stamp? I could certainly understand not being willing to do shipping on a LARGE item… but a pack of seeds… or just a couple… it’s silly.


Then.. oh this is good… finding “organic” Lambs Quarters, and this morning… “heirloom” cattails…, I’ve got “heirloom” cattails across the street, and I know a few other spots that have them. Though, I imagine some people might not know that while yes you can eat both of these plants… one is by most considered a weed. The other is grown as “pond decor”, which is sad as cattails are a supermarket of food; well food and weaving material.


However overall I think the website is good, and fun too. Just remember what I mentioned if you go into it. Also if any of my readers wants to join if you use the following link I get a bonus and supposedly you’ll get an extra 100 credits.


We have a mass of bean flowers right now, my secondary beans are sprouting up front as they are a different type. If I’m lucky my melons will stay around and produce. I picked another pint of berries this morning and we did some pond digging too. Gotta send my son out to cut wood later.


Have a great day!


Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed BE…

What would you do?

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I saw a preview for a new NBC show that I think has an interesting premise, it’s called “Revolution”.   Here is a youtube link to the preview:

Now I think it’s a an interesting idea to think on.  How would you do if the “power” all went off, suddenly.  Could you survive?  Would you know how to live in the “new world”?

Now I was chatting with someone last night that frankly, I doubt could make it in such a world.  For one she thinks cities are super clean and anything that isn’t one is full of germs and that there are no germs in the city.  She thinks there are no tapeworms, rabies, “recluse spiders” in a city.  She also thinks all food and water in a city is safe and good for you.

I think while she wouldn’t survive in such a world if the power went off, I do think there are others very much like her that believe these things.  I think it’s a sad product of society, that people think that cities are “gleaming shining” examples of cleanliness.  Especially if you pay halfway attention to what goes on in the world you’d see they aren’t.

But back to my original thought  here, surviving after the power goes off…  I would like to think at least me and my family would, I’d worry about Silver as he’s got diabetes and a inactive thyroid.  So for at least one of those things we’d probably have a problem, as once we couldn’t find medication for his thyroid, he’d prob die.

The people most likely to survive are ones who can produce their own food, yes I realize there would most likely be people with gun stealing things.  Well their problem would be after they killed off anyone who they didn’t like eventually they’d kill off the people they’d need to provide them with food.

So I’m going to be watching this show when it comes out this fall to see what “writers” think will happen to people after the power goes out.

One nice Saturday Morning…

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 Good Saturday morning all!


Nice warm-ish morning here, and we started the morning off with a fresh loaf of my sourdough cooked in my new cast iron dutch oven. However, I think this new “toy” has a slight problem, I believe the lid handle is painted…. I hope the paint will safely burn off. As the handle itself seems to be metal and probably is cast too.


I have taken up to making a very multi grain sourdough for now on, our discount grocer has a “7 grain” mix, it also has flaked barley, then I add oatmeal, hulled (non salted) sunflower seeds, and flax seed. It makes for a wonderful tasting bread.


Our first two “dinner guests” actually did not come to dinner, we gave them to Queen Sized Tink and now are deciding what to do with our two polish roosters. Now I said deciding as well, even though we keep a good amount of “water bowls” out for them and our couple cats that prefer to be outside; they prefer to drink out of our septic. I don’t think I want to eat them now…. I’m sure a few people will agree with that.


So I have to spend part of today seeing how many of my seed potatoes they ate, and how many more of the onion sets they dug up. If you didn’t know, chickens (at least mine) don’t eat onion. Also as a friend on another website has asked me some info about my chickens after I posted the Record Keeping post I’ll post what I wrote there in case anyone wants to know this information:


I buy feed from our local feed store as the organic feed is about 4x’s the price here.  I feed my 16 birds (1 rooster) 3, 50 pound bags a month @ about $8 per bag. That is the lest expensive feed here and it’s mixed at the local major feed company on site.  They get kitchen scraps and in summer the odd “weed” that I found they like.  (chickens will eat almost anything).

We haven’t used extra light, but our coop has that big screened opening at the east side that gives them tons of light.  They have their “yard” that they if they chose to be in at any hour.  They get cicadas (in season), and tomato horn-worms (in season).  They are also almost a year old and haven’t had their molt yet.

we also don’t have extra heat, this winter was mild, we are going to upgrade our coop this year (crosses fingers) with a power box in it for if it is necessary.  I do not feed them back their egg shells, I buy oyster shell only, I don’t want to risk them eating their eggs in any way.


… also  I would occasionally add milk to their water or some molasses (heated water and added it).  We have also made our own suet when we had tallow for deep frying and it would get a tad “old”.  I’d mix in some grains I have for my bread making, some milk powder, dried berries, and pour in the hot tallow then let it harden overnight in a cool spot (in winter outside works well)  Then I’d put it into the chicken yard in a suet feeder for them to inhale (which they did, the one time I had walked back to the house to get them some water and by the time I came back it was gone).

So they are pampered a tad…




I thought this info might be helpful and if it is good.


We have as of today shrunk our “indoor” wood piles down to just one as if we need heat it might be a first thing in the morning to rid us of the chill. So where we had the one wood pile under my girls’ ladder, we are putting in some shelves. …I like shelves… shelves are nice… I don’t have many shelves, now I’ll have two more.


Out during my normal garden walk this morning I noticed one cabbage sprout from the seeds I planted. Now from the cabbage plants I transplanted only one seems to be “holding on”, the others have changed to an odd color, and I can’t figure out what is causing it. According to what I know I transplanted them at the right time, the broccoli I planted near them are actually doing about 100x’s better, and has some noticeable new (and better) growth. The Hyacinth that I saw coming up (which I planted 2 years ago and this is the first year it has come up) has bloomed with pink flowers. The elderberry trees(?) are coming along in their leaf growth. I am worried about the fig however as the buds don’t seem to be getting larger, but we’ll see what happens with it. The rosemary plant that I transplanted into the ground last fall has new growth on it, Silver thinks we might wind up with a bush of it this year. The prickly pear that I planted last summer also has new growth, as does my yucca plants. I planted some chives in one of my trunk “pots” and they have sprouted, and about ½ of my tomato and peppers have as well.


So far this year is promising to be pretty good on our food production side, I am hoping it will only get better. I am waiting, and waiting for our dogwoods to finally bloom, they’ve had their flower buds on them for months. I do hope they bloom soon they are always a good show in the spring. With all the nice weather and not seeing much green yet outside I’ve been looking at ornamental plants with lots of color, just to see some color. Anyone else feel that way right now?


Hope you have a good weekend!


Be Well Be Safe and Blessed Be…

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