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What is it with Young People? (A Rant)

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I again am curious as to where the work ethic of the younger generations went. The young man who is one of our intern’s over the last few days either would say there was no work he was suppose to do, or that he only wanted to do something relaxing. So to be perfectly frank I ripped him up and down verbally while chopping the wood he was suppose to be chopping that he said was not there. So at Silver’s suggestion I am having the young man follow me around all day today to see the work I do all day. So I got him up at 5 am to start on the animal feedings.

Well I did all the work myself with him just standing there arms crossed over his chest the whole time I am going around feeding and watering everyone. I mean geez at least offer to hold the 5 gallons of water for me if nothing else yeah? All that I can say in this case is that thankfully he’s not a WOOFER as if he were I’d never use the program again. Maybe when we have more housing I can look into that program and have better luck with help around here.

Next on the list of morning chores after I wake the kids for school will be to go and check the garden and due to timing, I can probably even weed the paths. I have to get some forage for our penned up goats (my dears learned how to unpicket themselves), some forage for the rabbits as well. Oh I also have to go out and use the weedeater to clear some areas for Silver to work on his project for out storm shelter/new well house/cold storage room. I might get to moving some dirt by the bucket right now as our wheel barrow needs a brand new tire the old one is destroyed.

This doesn’t even count all the cooking I have to do throughout the day and the dish washing, and house cleaning. Then the constant check on the animals all day. Funny thing is all the intern needed to do daily was take care of my chickens (which includes random checks for eggs) chop fire wood and move dirt to the various spots around the property as well as get us some downed wood that we can use as kindling for the winter. Oh and also bring up the log segments that need chopping to the wood chopping area.

My complaint about the younger generation includes the discussion on what is a proper wake up time. I wake up at 5am every morning the kids go to school so I have an hour of work before they get up to do all the animal feedings then I can do everything that -needs- full light after they get up. This young man has issues waking up in the morning and for the whole time he has been here it has been a trial to get him out of bed in the early morning to work before the heat is too bad. Now there are two.. count them two stupid comments that go with this. First is “I’m tired”, duh you went to bed around midnight of course you are tired. The second is “I lived in Texas I know heat and humidity”. Uh huh, so why do you have an issue then with working in the day time after 10 am? The young man has a answer to that too it is “well I burn easy so I don’t like to be out during the day”.

That just falls under the heading of really? We live on a homestead a small farm where there is never ending work. Generally the only breaks we get is in the night and sometimes when it rains (and only for any major project as long as the rain isn’t days long). I swear do the younger generation just not think that people work hard all day ever? (btw what I mean by younger generation are teens through to 30 years as from my current experience they do the least work. I am sure there are exceptions to that rule.) I grew up in a middle class family where my dad was a welder and my mom was the daughter of a carpenter. My parents believed if we wanted something we had to work for it. I try to instill that in my kids but they also expect to just do fun things and work isn’t important. Granted since going to boot camp as soon as I ask my son something he has jumped up to do it.

We have had 2 young men of the same age here within the last year to assist us and they both pretty much think that the highlight of the day is when they get to go play their games. Now both of these people wanted to come here and explore the woods surrounding our home. Neither have done so (hell the 30yr old hasn’t either but shrugs), do the younger generation also have an issue with following through on something they say they will do too?

Well I better end my rant here as I have in a few minutes to go back to working, which maybe the issue is the younger ones think that word is a swear word?

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be…


Busy weekend ahead.

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We spent most of the week relaxing as the kids have been visiting their grandmother.  So we had been hoping to get a ton of work done, but then it got hot, so due to no kids we’d sleep late then it would be too hot to do any work outside shrugs it happens. Yesterday we spent about half the day helping out Queensized Tink and her family with a building project.


I managed to pick some broccoli out of the garden this morning which we will be eating with our dinner tonight.  We have been getting strawberries and I’ve been drying a good portion of them.  I am also putting some away to make jam with once I have enough.  My Elderberry should be blooming soon and I’m hoping  that they don’t do like last year and die after blooming.  Now the broccoli I picked today made me smile as last year we had one “make it” and it only got as big as my thumbnail.  This morning I got 4 big florets one the size of my fist with wise.


Our tomatoes are coming along nicely and I’m starting to get some tomatoes on the plants, my peppers will be “popping” soon.  As like my tomatoes and all my cabbages they are growing huge.  They are also covered in flowers.  The new rosemary plants we potted with my onions and hot peppers is trying to take over the pot.  Our other rosemary does not grow as happily, so that’s really good.


The roses are getting ready to bloom as are the dahlia’s I have planted.  Pity though that they will probably bloom this weekend  while we aren’t home.  See we have to go pick up the kids Saturday night.. and will be back very late Sunday.  So knowing my luck they will both bloom Sunday morning.


I have also started gathering off of my “old fashioned” day lilies the buds so I can dry those for putting into soups and stews this winter. I have a recipe for making paste that I’ll post when I have a chance that takes dried tomatoes and shows you how to make tomato paste from it.  It sounds much easier than the “cook down” method.  The person who wrote the book that it is in in stated that the point of making paste is removing enough water to make it thick so if you start from dried you only have to add enough to thicken it.


Well, I’m heading out now as we have some prep work for our trip and for our shopping trip tomorrow.  Everyone have a great weekend!


Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be…

Jobs Rant

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obs in this area just don’t exist, for you to be off foodstamps if you are on them.  Due tot he fact that right now we do get food stamps I am required as I am not disabled to get a job. When I figured out the requirements for the job I need to have to make the FS office happy I need to have a job that pays $7.50 hr for 40hrs a week.  The minimum wage in this state is in the $6 range, and the manufacturing jobs in this area all seem to need people who can lift on a regular basis more than I can.  So what are we suppose to do…?


Well according to the company that takes care of the job searches I -MUST-  apply to 3 jobs a week, in either a) three different locations, or b) three different jobs in the same location.  I live in a rural area, I have no home internet and I don’t have the money to fill my gas tank all the time to get around to do it.  They don’t care and… they will not help you get gas if you do not already have work.  How are you suppose to get a job if you can’t get anywhere?


Even more fun… one of the major comments in Pres Obama’s campaign this last year is that he wants to make sure hat everyone can go to a 4-year college to get degree’s so that more manufacturing jobs can open up.  I’m sorry, but who wants to spend a boat load of money going to a 4-year school to get a job in manufacturing?  It really is a waste of your education, all you need for even a CNC machine is a tech school, there is no need for a 4-year degree to work manufacturing.


…or am I the only one seeing this?

Weird Weather for all!

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So here I am with another update for everyone, with a minor bit of good(?) news. Due to the fact that we do receive food stamps, the state requires me look for work that will get us off food stamps. While I don’t have an issue with this I must actively 3X’s a week put in applications. I have to be able to prove it. So I will be online about once a week now, and I should be able to update this every week. I will also be able to update my pintrest photo’s too.

As for our wood stove, how many of you remember this picture of our cat Stormy from last year?


Well after we put the wood stove in the house and during the time it’s been too warm to use it, (60’s in December…yuck) Stormy -AND- Merlin have both tried sleeping on the wood stove. This lead to a minor problem for both cats the night we lit it back up again. Both boys wound up lightly burning their paws when they landed on the stove. Funny how they jump right back off.

We have been clearing the ground down to bare dirt for the house on these warm days. The dome is going to be 40ft in diameter, and we have set out some strings so that I could see the future room sizes. It does look like we may have to remove our largest dogwood tree as we are working on the house.

We have also cleared out a few other spaces. One is for an eventual pig “pen”; in that case we cleared out trash, downed trees, and branches. We also cleared out for a new compost pile by the current chicken coop. We have started it with some sticks and leaf litter from where the house is going. The third place we have cleared is where we are hoping to plant sun chokes next year, it’s in a low spot so I hope it works well.

We have gotten a trailer hitch for the van, and Silver has put it on; it looks really good on the van.

Well, that’s it for now folks! Catch you in about a week.

Be Well Be Safe and Blessed Be…

Another Pond Day off

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Well we’re gonna get another day off from pond digging.. while we need to get the pond dug; it’s actually for a good reason.  WE GOT RAIN!  Yes, it rained last night and a little this morning.  So we have to wait for the ground to dry up in the pond so we can dig it up more, otherwise we’d be slogging through muck and it’s very hard to dig wet clay.


My girls are out at a church member’s house working with the pups they were fostering.  Then they might get taken out to get new bathing suits and go swimming in the river too.  I think it’s great they do attend a church that is so active with it’s members.


We’re catching up on laundry now that the sun is out again, some household chores that seem unending and I might try to do some weeding.. though now that my beans are taking over I really don’t have any.  Silver is out cutting wood right now to keep his muscles and joints active as he suffers from RA.  So when he hurts he does tend to take more time off to let the pain go away.. problem with doing that is then your muscles “forget” the work they were doing and they will hurt worse when you start working again.


Gonna grill some chicken breasts later on the grill probably with some potatoes.


That’s about it,


Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be…

I’m a mean parent part 2

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I guess I’m still a mean parent, and if you don’t know what I mean by that take a look here on my Blogger blog:

I wrote once about how my kids think I’m this horribly mean parent because I make them work. Well, they still think I’m mean; and now I am because I’m not listening to them when they get hurt. Well… I don’t constitute a little cut on your big toe, and it is little no bigger than the head of a pin; as warranting needing to rest. Nor do I think.. but mom my back itches as medically necessary of rest, or sneezing a lot for that matter.

With that said, I seem to have a nice cold going on. I have been having very congested mornings where I’m sneezing every ten minutes, my throat feels like one of the cats crawled down it and shredded it’s way back up. I also am not sleeping well because I have been winding up so congested by the middle of the night.

Guess what…?

I went out and watered the garden, harvested Lambs Quarters for breakfast, fed the dogs and cats, made 2 different breakfasts, dug in the pond, washed laundry, and then washed dishes, oh.. and before this post I wrote 2 posts per blog I keep. But dang, …I must not understand that when I’m mildly ill I’m suppose to complain gripe and moan about how hard it is to work. Thereby making the work take twice as long.

What I have noticed is that most kids who spent any of their time growing up in the city especially in the public school system where kids are taught to feel entitled to almost everything. They seem to have trouble with the concept of doing some hard work. They don’t seem to care about the “what if’s” that might lie down the line as they are too focused on the here and now.

…and it’s my job to be a mean parent to teach them otherwise…

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